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Tips For Coping With Anxiety During Isolation

Well, these are strange times aren’t they? By now, you probably know that the government is strongly advising social distancing. We’re all being asked to stay inside and away from crowds - and that means no pubs, gigs, holidays or eating out at your favourite restaurant. For many, it also means a lot of isolation anxiety.

Whether you’re someone who has regular experience with anxiety, or if these are new feelings for you, it’s more important than ever to find stress-busting strategies that help you to feel calm in this unchartered territory. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, take a look through these pointers, and remember you definitely won’t be the only one feeling this way.

By Alice Hamilton, 20 March 2020

5. Take time out for self-care

You might not be able to chase your worries away with a big stick, but you can learn ways to calm down and find a little peace of mind. Sometimes it’s the simple things like an indulgent face mask or a long bath with a restorative hair treatment that can help you to feel more like you. 

A professional facial is probably out of the question right now, but a DIY effort could be just as transformative for your skin and your mood. Spend time properly layering up your skincare and giving yourself a little facial massage - it’ll help you feel totally blissed out and you’ll emerge from your Corona-chrysalis with a healthy glow-up.

6. Listen to music

Set the perfect mood with music. When your worries become all-consuming, put on your favourite songs, turn up the volume and re-focus your mind. If you need some inspiration, head to our Spotify account where you’ll even find a Quarantunes playlist, with feel-good songs to soundtrack your work from home hours.

A tip from Mind - “Really listen to the music. Can you pick out the different instruments? Can you hear a drumbeat or a certain rhythm? Focus on the music and let other thoughts fade away.”

Missing the live music experience? The Big C might have knocked most gigs and festivals on the head, but that hasn’t stopped some of the biggest bands and artists taking to the internet to livestream their music directly to your living room. It’s sort of like the real thing, except without the spilt pints and jostling for the best view, and they’re completely free - what’s not to like?

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